How to increase your penis

"The method of penis enlargement to choose?" – the question that concerns many men of our planet. Most often, they do not prefer surgical intervention and learn how to increase a member. This method seems to be safe, cheap and effective.

Understand, if it is.

how to increase the member


Experience shows that the increase of a member of the independence is possible. For many centuries, in different cultures, there is a large cult of adulthood.

Currently the old methods to increase a little bit modified, but still enjoy great popularity. Especially interested in the acer, how to increase your member independently. It is not as scary as the surgery, and the safety can be even more effective.

The effectiveness of the method

Before how to increase penis yourself should know if it is usually the result.

Auto-expansion methods are very effective, it is not surprising that some of them have been called ancient methods.

The growth of the penis occurs due to the fact that the fabric is extended and filled with blood.

As a result of the application of methods of increase of a member your hands on the average, may increase by 2-4 cm May seem not much, but the growth will be very noticeable.

Don't expect fast results, like if the fabric to stretch too quickly, the penis can be damaged, possible bit of bleeding, swelling. Therefore, the increase in a member of the hands should occur gradually.

Will not be guided by the set of figures. The growth of a member depends on the method chosen, the speed of the stretching of the tissues of the genital organs, since the age. The younger the man the faster is the growth of the penis.

Ways to increase penis

There are several ways how to increase the member of the house itself:

  • massage;
  • gels and ointments;
  • pump;
  • different facilities;
  • Masturbation;
  • exercises;
  • folk methods.

Each of them has its own characteristics, pros and cons. We consider each method, how to enlarge penis read more.


how to make dick more ways great

The main advantage of this method is its efficiency, as well as the opportunity to increase not only the body member, but also with the head.

For a massage You may only need lubrication and Your own hand.

Massage technique is the oldest technique of increasing penis.

The growth of the penis is achieved by the fact that, during the massage is the flow of blood to the organs pelvic, and, most importantly, in the penis.

The tissues of the penis and expand, and the cells faster to share. This is the growth of the penis.

The main thing in massage – regularity. That should be done on a daily basis, it is desirable that the massage is carried out several times a day.

In addition to increasing, massage door additional features: increases sexual desire, improves your erection and the control over this.

We will consider several techniques how to enlarge penis with hand-massage. It is based both on the tension or compression of the penis, which allows maximum blood flow to the genitals. Before the massage to prepare your phallus, making a warm compress.

  1. For this technique the penis must be in a relaxed state. Take the penis in hand and squeeze his fingers. Then, begin to straighten the penis parallel to the floor. You should feel a strong stretch but not pain. Then let it rest. After this repeat 10 times.
  2. The following technique is based on stretching. Bring the member to a state excited and strongly pull it. You should feel a stretching. This effect should continue for 5-7 minutes with small breaks.
  3. Firmly holding his cock between thumb and forefinger, began to lead them up and down, increasing the flow of blood to your phallus. Periodically stop at the base, delaying the maximum amount of blood into the penis.

Listen to their feelings. If you feel pain, immediately stop the procedure.

Creams and gels

Many people choose ointments, gels and creams as a means to penis enlargement.

The effect is to increase the quality of the erection of the sexual life, the duration of the sexual relationship and, above all, the size of the phallus.

The composition of these funds includes these ingredients due to the fact that there is a rush of blood to the genitals, stimulating the growth of penis.

Many of them also want to know how to make the cream for penis enlargement with hands. But it's best to rely on certified products.


It is time to learn how to increase your member means at hand.

Pump – a device that allows you to increase the size of the penis and which consists of a flask, and a pump by which the air is empty and the pressure reduced. It is believed that this is one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired result.

Because of the low pressure, blood flows into the penis and stretches the tissues. Because of this growth.

There are vacuum pumps and water pumps. The operating principle is the same, only when using the water pump, the water is added.

This is one of the most expensive methods of expansion of a phallus, however, as a general rule, the effect of the pump is temporary. For efficiency, it is necessary to use the bomb in combination with other methods.

Various devices

The most popular device for penis enlargement is the extender. He said at the base of the penis and stretches it with a metal rod that regulate the tension force.

The mechanism of action of the extender is based on the fact that helps to stretch the tissues of the genitals and increase the blood flow in them. Because of this, the phallus grows.

how to make dick bigger pump

The extender is used in the following way: first, you need to properly secure the base of the penis. Under the strap is placed a special soothing the lining does not allow the solid parts of the mechanism to RUB the penis. Then, set the level of tension.

For a beginner it can be only 200-400 g For a more advanced user of 1 kg. the Period of use of the extender is divided into adaptive and basic.

In the period of adaptation, the extender is used throughout, and the tension level is very small. In addition, the use period can be around 6 hours a day.

Don't wear the extender during the period of reduced sensitivity, for example when it is sleeping. This can cause serious injuries to the penis.


Many sources say that the main goal of Masturbation is to have fun. The increase in the size of the penis depends not on the Masturbation. This is true, because if the size depended on it, almost 100% of men would have normal penis size.

However, there are Masturbation techniques that are very similar to penis enlargement exercises.

Usually Masturbation is beneficial during adolescence – the period when the penis is more actively growth and development.

It is worth noting that medical studies have not shown a link between Masturbation and penis enlargement.


We are going to talk about how to increase a member of hands with special techniques. The basis of all the exercises is tightening and stretching of the penis as well as the use of a technique Kegel.

Technique Kegel is to stress the particular muscles. In order to understand what muscles should be working, try to go to the bathroom, maintain their urine. With these muscles You need to perform Kegel exercises.

  1. One of the most effective exercises, how to enlarge penis with hands "quick squeeze". Quickly compress and reduce the muscles pelvic for 10 seconds. After taking a break. You can repeat the exercise.
  2. The second exercise – "long grip". Keep your muscles in tension for at least 30 seconds. Then, take a break and repeat the exercise again.
Discipline of these muscles will allow you to get a more vivid orgasm, increases sexual desire, and help increase the penis size in relation to the exercise and other methods.

There are also exercises in the book by Aaron Kemmer.One of the penis enlargement exercises is jelqing itself.Its essence is to grasp the penis with the thumb and forefinger and try to push the blood to the head. jelqing helps to increase not only the length but also the girth of the penis.

The book by Aaron Kemmer has a program to increase member different intensity for different levels of training and programs to maintain results.

Exercise to increase is a very effective method. The most important thing is not to forget about security.

Compress of soda

how to increase the member of the result

We have already mentioned as the sodium bicarbonate can help us in our difficult task, therefore here we repeat only the main points.

You need to make a solution of soda, and salt to make a poultice. This should provoke a rush of blood to the member.

This solution has properties antiseptic, however, the relationship of the solution of penis enlargement medicine has not been confirmed.

Independent penis enlargement is not a myth. Everyone can choose a suitable method in which the penis will increase in size by 2-4 cm