Vacuum of a penis pump: how to use to increase

Pump for penis enlargement the device is quite controversial. There are those who say that it is safe and very effective (rumor that has the appropriate pump for the treatment of impotence). Others say that the tool is very dangerous and the results, it does not. Who is right? Going to try it. In this article, we are going to see in this event and see how it is necessary to choose how the device works, how to use instructions.

pump for penis enlargement

What is

Vacuum pump for the head of the penis or the penis the mechanism of pumping of air. Due to the generated vacuum pressure, the pulling of the penis as a result of the increase of blood flow into the cavernous tissue, to the stimulation of erection and a temporary increase in the size.

In the penis there are 2 male cavernous body, which is constantly bleeding. When a man is excited, the spinal cord sends a signal to the blood vessels to expand, and the veins to narrow. This makes the retention of the blood in the penis, as a result, the organ becomes solid and bigger.

When using the device the air is pumped out and creates a negative pressure. Do not leave out the blood of her veins, and that exists, as during the erection, the penis gets bigger, both in length and in diameter. With a penis pump can increase about 1-2 inches. The result is temporary – after a couple of hours, the penis will return to its normal size. With regular use, there is a constant stretching and exercise tissue this can give you a major increase in the size.

For what the device needs

How to use the pump is described in detail in the instruction manual. It is, without doubt included with the device. Also included the increase of a member must be:

  1. The jug (cylinder) with a material sealed to the base where the member is placed.
  2. Air valve – protects against injuries.
  3. Manometer for pressure control.
  4. A device that creates a vacuum (pear or automatic suction).

Increase of the member – is now the main target of the bombs. But this device has several problems (including medical requirements):

  • The extension of sexual intercourse. Due to the use of a vacuum pump in time reduces the sensitivity of the receptors on the head of the penis, which slows down the excitement in the man. For this purpose, the vacuum pump should be used immediately before having sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment – regular use of the pump helps to stimulate the increase of blood flow in the penis and maintain a strong erection during intercourse. The use of the pump will serve as a good prevention of diseases affecting the power. Through the constant training " removes the stagnation of blood in the blood vessels, the erectile dysfunction.
  • Straighten the shape of the penis. If a man has problems with curvature of a member, the doctors often prescribe the pump – helps to keep the penis in the right condition that gradually reduces the curvature of the penis.

How to choose a device?

Types of pumps lot and that operate on the same principle, but with slight differences, so that the result will be different. The pump must be chosen, guided by their own goals and focus on the characteristics of your body. There are only General rules that should govern the purchase of equipment:

the enlargement of the penis.
  • The cylinder diameter should be a centimeter bigger than the diameter of the erect penis. At the time of buy a small device that you can get injured.
  • Cylinder length must be 2 cm more than the length of the male penis. When using a pump with a shorter length, as in the case of the diameter, increases the risk of getting hurt.
  • If a man does not have used a vacuum pump, it is better to start with the assembly of the device that drives out the air manually. Cylindrical and electric pumps are convenient, but they create the vacuum too quickly, and which are more difficult to control. There are still hydro vacuum (operate by the water) from the pump, but on the contrary, it creates a lower pressure and, as a general rule, less efficient than their air counterparts.
  • When buying check the seal material, as it is stuck to the skin. If it is too soft, it will happen in the air, and the pressure desired is created. Too dense and resistant material is not suitable, as they will dig into the skin.

How to use the device

How to increase a member, using pumps how to use this device? Instructions for the use of the pump standard. When working with the device, it is important to adhere to principles similar to the rules of athletic training is you must first go to warm up the penis before using the pump it is recommended to massage the hands, to disperse the blood, to warm the tissue and muscles. The device is then worn on the body and is well fixed to the base. Then the cylinder is pumped out the air (automatically or with the hands).

Arrive with the air and the water from the pump strong erection, at the base of the penis you need to put a special ring. It can be used before the operation of the pump, and with the hope of winning over the base of the penis. This ring prevent the reflux of blood from the penis and continue in the desired extended condition. The procedure should last about 15-20 minutes. More time is not recommended, as it can lead to injury of the penis.

To achieve an increase in stable, must be regularly with the pump. It is advisable to compare with a gym: going to the gym and work out on the treadmill, you may feel stronger muscles. But after a day or two, and the body becomes soft again. Only through regular exercise can achieve the desired muscle not half an hour, and for months – and only under the condition of constant visits to the room and keep the resulting effect. With the penis enlargement exercise has also been of regular – fit three times a week. During 8 months, it is possible to increase the length and width of 30-35% of the original size.

All will be useful this method?

Pump to increase the size of penis is not for everyone. She has some contraindications. It is not impossible to use the tendency to bleeding and bad veins with damage in the penis, in the presence of inflammation. If you have contraindications, you should choose a more secure equivalent. To enlarge penis can be used:

  1. Stimulants in the tablets.
  2. Operating implanted inside the penis head.
  3. Helium or injections of silicone.
  4. Expanders for genital organs.

Where to find and how much it cost

On the Internet you can find the instructions on how to make a homemade vacuum pump. We do not share, as this method is dangerous. It is better to buy certified and tested device.

For the purchase of the pump, no problem. It is sold in all the sex shops. It would be better to buy in person – the consultant will ask the right questions and suggest the right model (no need to be ashamed of consultants to help you get the money).

vacuum pump

To summarize: bomb deserves the attention of all the men who want to increase their dignity. The technique is based on the natural characteristics of a living organism to increase under the influence of stretching. But it is worth remembering that the stretching of the penis should be clean and must comply with the instructions for use. Incorrect use of too great a risk of injury.