How to make dick bigger at home: quick ways

How to make dick bigger at home, you want to know the many men dissatisfied with the size of their penis. how to make dick bigger at homeBecause of the small size of the penis in a strong half of humanity to develop unnecessary complexes, and psychological barriers that create problems in bed. In this article we are going to share the most effective ways to accelerate the growth of a member in the household.

Popular ways home increase

There are many effective methods that will help you to increase the size of the penis. There are the following independent ways:

  • Exercises;
  • The use of lubricants, gels and aerosols;
  • Vacuum, water pump for phallus;
  • Surgical methods;
  • Popular recipes;
  • Massage;
  • Hanging goods;
  • Drugs;
  • Extenders;
  • Diet.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but all methods really do work. Below we will explain in detail each technique, to give a more complete picture of methods to increase the manhood home. Techniques based on the physiological characteristics of the human body, which means that they are safe and effective. Despite the fact that the exercise, lubes, massage and surgery affect penis men in a different way, the result is the same success.

Exercises Jelqing

In a special called jelqing technique for penis enlargement of men developed by the Sudanese Arabs. Through the classes contained in the body of the spongy tissue expands, causing the penis grows not only in length but also in volume.

The technique is often called "lactantium" because of the characteristics of the movements of the hand. The exercise increases the blood flow to the penis, which leads to the expansion of the tissues. Thanks to jelqing body genital "grows" a couple of inches a month, regardless of the erection.

how to make dick bigger at home ointments

Besides the penis enlargement, exercises have other benefits:

  • The man becomes fitter during sexual intercourse;
  • The increase of the sensitivity of the head;
  • Improving the control of ejaculation;
  • Leather phallus becomes elastic.

However, if a man does not know how to perform the exercises to make dick bigger at home would be difficult. Errors in technique can lead to injuries:

  • Bruises and calluses from excessive squeezing;
  • The abrasion will cause rubbing without lubrication;
  • Redness.

The exercise is performed in the following way: a base member wrapped around the thumb and the index finger, and then smooth movements sent blood to the head of the penis. Arm change after she gets tired. Enlarge penis at home In order in two ways: dry and wet.

Dry jelqing

The method of dry jelqing is done without lube and aims to increase the thickness of the manhood. Since dry skin is more easily injured, before exercising the penis, you need to warm up. The movement is done not with fingers, but with his hands, holding the head with the hand.

Wet jelqing

This technique involves the mandatory use of a lubricant and helps to make the penis longer. Instead of grease you can use any greasy cream that absorbs very slow. Rhythmic movements are performed with the fingers, without the need to compress the foreskin too.

Lubricants to increase

how to make dick bigger at home exercises

Among the many means to improve the penis lubricants in the form of a gel or spray are the most affordable and easy to use. How do they work?

Lubricants help to increase the member of the household path, thanks to its composition of natural ingredients that improve penis tissues.

In addition to the herbs in the ice are the hormones, however, these components have contraindications. Lubricant for penis enlargement can be divided into three types:

  1. Fast action ointment. With these tools, you can increase the member a few inches. To use the gel, just before sex, as the effect of ducatus takes a couple of hours.
  2. Gel to significantly increase your penis. Use of the drug for several months, it is possible to increase the penis size permanently.
  3. Auxiliary ointments. Use of the gel would make sense if, and only if, the man while doing exercises.

Lubricants – completely safe method of increasing the genitals, particularly if the product is made up of natural ingredients. However, if the body is suffering from a hormonal imbalance, the use of gels should be abandoned.

Penis pumps

The principle of operation of the pump is very simple: the device applies pressure to the penis, thus filling the cavernous bodies of the penile tissues with the blood. A member of the pump, does not differ from the erect penis.

The pump is a jar transparent with a scale that shows the length of the body. There are several varieties of this type of devices.

Vacuum pump

The pressure in this pump is using the air. A vacuum pump can manage the man, but it is easier to use the automatic pump, which requires no effort. The device instantly increases the size of the penis, bringing him to a state of erection. But the improper use of the pump in the penis may appear swollen, caused by excessive pressure.

Water pumps

Unlike the vacuum pump, the water pump is filled with fluid, which affects the softer sex organ. As a result, the risk of damage is minimal.

Water pumps

Action water pumps based on the pump that takes the excess water from the vacuum of space. The procedure of the pump must be done in hot water. It is very convenient to use the water pump, while taking a bath.

As a result of regular use of the pump, the member will increase in size by a few inches. The device will also help to avoid problems with the power.

Operational methods

Not all men are willing to wait a long time for the result. Especially for them the development of surgical techniques to enlarge the penis. Plastic surgery of the foreskin increases the masculinity of quickly and efficiently.

Important! The owners of a large penis in the procedure, the more likely it is that they refuse.

The obvious advantage of the methods of operating of the expansion of a phallus is a fast result that does not change throughout the life of a man. However, the plastic surgery of the male reproductive system has a number of disadvantages:

how to make dick bigger at home from the pump
  • Operation very painful;
  • Long recovery period;
  • After surgery you must wear the extender;
  • Complications can occur;
  • The thickness of the member decreases with time.

Currently, a large popularity of various procedures, which will be discussed below.

A classic operation on penis

Traditional surgical procedure to increase the dignity of men is penile prosthesis. It is also used in cases where the patient does not have an erection. In the penis introduced additional cartilage or other materials are elastic. Particularly expensive implants inflatable air mechanism that allows you to get an erection at any time.

The increase of the hyaluronic acid

The result of the filling member of the hyaluronic acid is of short duration, since the substance dissolves in the course of the year. However, this procedure does not require anesthesia and recovery time. The substance is injected under the skin with a needle. The acid is completely compatible with the organic tissue.


During the operation, the doctor cuts the suspensory ligament that holds the penis to the abdominal cavity. As a result of this sexual organ increases few inches of length.

Popular recipes

Many are thinking how can I make dick bigger at home using folk remedies. In fact, there are vulgar methods, which allow to achieve incredible results with the help of improvised means.

The advantage of the old recipes are natural ingredients used in the process of the growth of the penis. For these purposes, particularly used soda and honey.

The Penis enlargement baking soda

If expensive surgery to increase the adult age, can afford not everyone, that baking soda is available at any shop. Opinions on the effectiveness of the technique was divided, but some men say that this product can increase the body's reproductive.

How to use baking soda? To make dick bigger at home with baking soda, it can make the bath with the additive. In addition to the baths of soda, to scrub, irritating the tissue of the foreskin. Side effects of the procedure can be a burning and redness of the skin.

The penis enlargement honey

Honey is truly a product miraculous and is used in medicine, cosmetics, etc. it is not Surprising that people learned to affect the penis of men this product. Penis enlargement method, honey is recommended by many doctors. If you want to get information about how to make dick bigger at home of the honey, you should read the following recipes:

how to make dick bigger at home surgery
  • The solution is cooled ginger to add a spoonful of honey, drink the drink inside.
  • Before sleeping drink honey mixed with nuts.
  • Walnut, rosehips, hazelnuts and garlic, mixed with honey, eat a lot every day.

Massage technique

Massage for penis enlargement is one of the most affordable methods of penis enlargement. In fact, the procedure does not require any type of costs, in addition to the purchase ducatus. Without lubrication member can suffer from the friction of the palms.

In addition to affordability, self-massage of the penis has other advantages:

  • Thanks to massage, it is possible to make a penis enlargement at home;
  • The procedure has a positive effect on the sexual health of men;
  • Absence of contraindications and side effects.

Unfortunately, massage is not an effective technique for penis enlargement. With regular treatments, the penis is only a few centimeters.

Before the massage need to prepare a phallus. Take a warm bath so that the skin became supple. After wiping your body dry, you need to begin light stretching of the member in different directions. After the habituation to sensations unpleasant that it is possible to proceed to the immediate massage.

Massage techniques there are a large number. This self-massage, in which the male performs circular and compressive movements of the hand; sexy Thai massage and much more. To see visually how to make dick bigger at home using techniques of massage, is to watch videos on the Internet.

Tips on penis

To increase the penis at the moment, sexologists recommend the use of toys. For this reason, the manufacturers of sex products has created a special filter. Toys used in the course of sexual intercourse and pleasure for both partners.

For the enlargement of the penis often used erectio ring. These, in turn, can be divided into several types:

  1. The normal of the ring. Are not equipped with additional devices and seeks only to increase the flow of blood to the penis.
  2. Rings with clamps. Toy constricts the channel for the removal of the seed, the prevention of fast ejaculation.
  3. With a ring vibrator. The device is equipped with an engine that gives pleasure for both partners, stimulating the erogenous zones.

The disadvantage of this gadget are caused by strong compression of the base of the penis. The cheapest, the head can be bought for 190 rubles.

Extension add-member can be open or closed. Closed head hides the head of his cock, which is less sensitive. The size of the penis increases in width and length. For a better contact with the vagina the device is lubricated with a lubricant.


The extender is a device in the tension of the soft parts. The device is designed in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, so that, as a result of the use of the penis extender increases by a few centimeters. Available are the following types of extenders:

how to make dick bigger at home extenders
  • Arc. The device contains silicone, the arc corresponding to the physiology of the penis. The penis increases of 5 mm per month.
  • With a belt. Durable belt tightly lock member that allows you to keep it in proper position.
  • Empty. This extender is equipped with a suction Cup, it is an extremely unpleasant feeling of the man.
  • Combo. This extender is equipped with bow and strap that gives the best results.

The main disadvantage of this extender is its trauma. A strong tension causes the appearance of bruising and red spots. The cost of the device is quite high and depends on the modification of the device.

The penis enlargement goods

Methods of penis enlargement with the help of the goods came to us from Africa. The essence of the method consists in stretching the soft tissues to hang a very heavy burden.

The procedure for the suspension of the load in the foreskin quite traumatic. Before you start the process, you must prepare the body with a warming massage. Start out with small objects, hanging load as comfortable as possible. With time, the weight of the weights can be increased, however, the sharp transitions do not. It is important to know that the loop with the load connected to the skin, and the band elastic that has been wound around the member.

Proper nutrition and self-massage will not make the member huge, but in combination with other appropriate treatment products will help you achieve incredible results. The most important thing for any entry is regular and systematic action.