Eight ways to increase member

There are several ways to increase the size of penis. Some of these tangible benefits do not bring. But others are dangerous and can damage the body's reproductive.

Plastic surgery

ways to increase the hook surgically

The shape of the penis can be increased in the same technology as improve the Breasts of women. Sewn in a member implants. Depending on whether the elongate member, or increase the thickness by the use of different implants.

This would lengthen the member between the head and the main part of the penis is sewn from pieces of rib cartilage of the patient or a synthetic implant.

And if a member made thicker under the skin of the penis sutured to the skin and fat flap from the abdomen, or wrap member fragment of the broadest muscle of the back of the patient. The flap of the root and the penis becomes notably thicker.

There is a technology of the introduction of a member of the syringe body fat of the patient. With this technology, it is important to evenly distribute the grease along the entire length of the member.

An advanced method of the plastic of the penis enlargement is the introduction into it of synthetic hydrogel implants. Synthetic increases the risk of rejection of the implant after surgery. Tissue extracted from the patient, cartilage, fat and muscle tissue usually not rejected. But synthetic can cause rejection and inflammation. But hydrogel implant enables to predict the result of the surgery of penis enlargement.

The unpredictability of the result is typical for operations of this type. It is difficult to predict what form it will take the implants after the implementation and how to heal the skin stitches.


If you find a member that goes under the pubis, it turns out that in the end is a few centimeters from the genitals. It is sufficient to incise the ligament, which does not leave Dong and you can get wind a few inches of the penis. But elongated, so, the partner looks good in the urinal or in the locker room and sex from cm to sense will be a little.

The pulling member

The idea is the same as in the previous method, but without surgical intervention. The man slowly trains and stretches the ligament to pull the cock from under the pubis, as the hose from the barn. But on the first erection of the member be drawn back. In the long term pleasing result, stretching does not reach.

Vacuum pump

The growth of the tissues of the penis can be stimulated. It is sufficient to intensify the circulation of the blood in the body. Invented a device - the vacuum pump. The glass of the bulb-dome is put at the top of the cock and tight, preferably hermetically fixed to the pubis. From the bottom of the bulb and sucked the air around your penis there is a vacuum (such as vacuum). And the member inflated by the pressure of the natural blood flow in the body. The most difficult of the pump output of the air from the bulb, the bigger and more difficult to tumet member. If to repeat this procedure regularly, the tissues of the penis will realize that you can not cope with the increasing loads and begin to grow in size.

It is important to follow the rules of safety when the vacuum increased the size of the penis. First, the procedure cannot be done for too long. 20 minutes a day at maximum. And don't do too often. It is recommended to do in a day. If you violate these guidelines, then the surface of the penis can be covered with spider veins due to broken capillaries. When you see stars it is necessary to give member of rest for a few days and reduce the intensity of your workouts. In the worst cases, outside of the member all dark. Its surface to become a true purple.

Vacuum penis enlargement is a potentially dangerous procedure. To do so, preferably after consultation with your doctor.

ways to make dick bigger pump

Magic salve

There are medications that increase the blood circulation in the penis. In principle, as in the case of vacuum. Increase the circulation of the blood - began to grow tissues of the penis. But the wonderful and fast result, no ointment will bring. Because the speed of the that grow the new tissue is extremely slow. The magic of drugs do not exist. This ointment can be used in the complex therapy for increased penis size. And in consultation with your doctor. Doctor consultation is a necessity. Otherwise, you can spread a delicate organ is not clear what, and end up with chemical burns

Dick massage

Again, we are talking about the increased flow of blood to the penis. A member of the force, fills the blood with the help of smooth movements, as when milking a cow. Pre-heat it in the bathtub, or using the warming ointments for penis enlargement gently and bring the member up to the maximum possible size. Grasping at the base of a ring of thumb and forefinger, and the unit of blood to the head. Then again. Please note - this is not the Masturbation, and, more particularly, to milking. The procedure is repeated regularly for a couple of years a member can be lengthened an inch and a half.

Suspension of loading

There is a hypothesis that a member can be removed from length, hanging there heavy loads. First, the elongation occurs because of the stretching of the hose, outside the stable, about which we have already spoken. And during the erection of the hose falls back.

In the second place, the mechanical load on the tissues of the penis stimulates their growth, so that the load does not come out of the penis. This procedure lengthens the penis. But only a little.

An alternative to weighting is a special tensor, which at one end rests against the pubis, and the other is attached to the head and constantly creates tension in the member.

Suspension of the load that gives a noticeable result with years of training and in combination with other procedures: vacuum increase, massage.


Regular sex - the most reliable, safe and pleasurable method of penis enlargement. First, the sex raises men's self-esteem. And the length of the penis appears normal.

In the second place, the sex stimulates the production of testosterone, which, in turn, supports an effective form of penis and supports its growth.

In the third place, the sex, massage and stretching, and the increase of the circulation of the blood in the penis.

If there is no regular partner, Masturbation will serve to increase the penis. At least, not leave it prematurely, to be less.

The opinion of the doctors

ways to increase member

Through different manipulations of the length of the penis can increase the range of 2.5 centimeters. The maximum increase you can get is 5 inches.

But the doctors say that the majority of operations to increase penis size to men with the normal length of the body.

The length of the average penis in erection within the range of 9.5-20 cm. If the member is within the range specified, nothing to worry about. In addition, the majority of women believe that the 15 centimeters for sex more than enough.