The most effective methods to increase penis size

To increase the size of the penis is a dream of all men, regardless of age, if a teenager of 12 (13-14) or in 40 years. Penis enlargement is possible by several methods, but it is important to remember that a dramatic increase in the male organ will not work even with the use of surgical intervention. Video tutorials that you can find online, and especially to talk about how to increase the penis length, volume and give the confidence at the expense of the use in the home.

the enlargement of the penis.

How to make dick bigger at home can ensure that the male-enhancement was a maximum of 5 cm, as always has a man to wait for the result and what means can be considered universal? On this detail in the article, as well as photographs and videos, the comments of the men and experts.

Physical or psychological problem: how to understand the man

Penis – the main body of men, you can't argue this point, the size and efficiency of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. It is an undeniable fact, and those men who have a member (in his opinion) not up to your desired size, it often develops serious psychological distress.

Gradually, dissatisfaction with his sexual organ grows into a serious problem, the man loses confidence, low self-esteem, daily treatment leads to gradual self-destruction.

Penis enlargement methods, developed by experts for men who want to increase penis size and regain the confidence in their own abilities. But before I recommend how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine if it is necessary for man to expand (stretch) or add volume to your penis, as much as physiologically, which corresponds to the average value or is it a passing whim, based on invented (or imposed) rules.

So, what may be considered as the "gold standard" for the penis among men? The proverbial average 14 cm or "impose" on the 25th, although this last option is, oddly enough, discourages more women than it attracts, but nevertheless, the popularity of the ways of penis enlargement is increasing every year.

How to increase penis size and is it possible to get penis enlargement at home? The effectiveness of different methods of how to apply them and how easy it is for yourself, and how to increase penis at home, – about it in more detail below.

Anatomy aspects: know your body

The main feature of the penis in men could increase their sensitivity to any external stimuli, another proven anatomical fact – the ability of the penis to adjust to the size of the vagina of the female partner. It is necessary to consider that must be constant.

What follows from this? Experts say that when you tighten the vagina enough volume of the penis can "lose weight", in order to penetrate the "Holy of holies", but this does not mean that a small penis in slowly and adjust to the large size of the vagina in ladies, is real, and what procedures or video

Important: if we look at generally accepted standards for the Europeans the length of the penis in 12-16 cm in erection and with a diameter of 3-4 cm is considered normal. Accordingly, the penis enlargement is not necessary, even though, as shown by the opinions of men, and of this size did not make everyone happy, and hard to say about the methods of penis enlargement, at home, with the desire to enlarge the penis 3-5 cm more

In this case, the doctors are forced to eliminate existing psychological problem and recommended the man to visit a psychotherapist, as this can indicate neurosis (stress, problems at work) or a serious brawl in the family home.

Analyze all the methods of growth

But if man ceased to wish to increase the member, the idea is "ripe" for a long time and his decision is not disputed, the doctor can advise on the most efficient ways to increase the penis at home. More often it is a combination of several options, including massage, creams, ointments, pump, weights, and old-fashioned method (with lawn).

the lesson will help to make growth of a member of a royal house?

how to increase the member

In fact, you can increase the member only in two ways:

  • Methods house increase.
  • Surgically at the hospital.

The last option cannot be considered as a rapid method of penis enlargement, in addition, the operation must be medical testimony, not only the desire of men to increase the phallus centimetre different in length and volume. Reviews of physicians and patients shows that the surgery will not give ghostly 3-5 cm high, what can you expect – 1-1,5 see

To date for men, the most revered steel home ways in which you can increase your penis, lengthen, add volume or because of the blood that comes at the right time, if the erection is not stable enough.

Independently understand all the nuances of the application of a particular method, should not only read the paper version of the user, but also to see a themed video where is explained in detail, it is possible to increase dick how to increase the sensitivity and, ideally, will increase the phallus in the application of the different variants, is used in the home.

The most popular and effective ways:

  1. Massage, increase penis at home.
  2. Jelking.
  3. Weights (weighting).
  4. Special attachments (extender, a vacuum pump).
  5. Cosmetics (spray for penis enlargement, ointment, gel).

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable in every one of them to learn from a specialist or see a video of the subject. Enlargement and the increase of volume will not be complete if the man ignored important aspects of the use of methods in the home and not taken into account and contraindications.