What are the tips for a thickening of the penis, and what effect to expect of them

With the techniques that claim that they can it is better to increase the penis of the surgery, should be treated with caution. This type of fund typically contain a large number of components, which can result in the violation of the natural metabolic processes that can lead to the development of the disease.

means for penis enlargement

Among the ways to enlarge the penis, based on the increased flow of blood in the region of the penis, one can distinguish the following:

  • creams and ointments, medications;
  • vacuum pump;
  • baths with baking soda.

The penis enlargement methods, that the use of stretching of the tissues and stimulate the growth of the spongy bodies, can be attributed to:

  • the use of the extender;
  • hanging goods;
  • exercises.

It should be noted that the most effective way of penis enlargement is surgery. Surgery to change the size of the manhood can be done in various ways:

  • enlargement through surgery;
  • thickness increase with exercise;
  • to lengthen and make thicker and with the use of special silicone;
  • the change of thickness with implementation of large;
  • the increase in head size with the help of injections of silicone.

Another group of ways to increase the manhood is taking special tablets and dietary supplements. Can be used in cases in which you want to avoid any direct impact on the body. These penis enlargement methods has a great number of side effects and the negative feedback about the app.

We should also mention one other method of lengthening of a member of the application nozzles. It can be used effectively to change the length and width of the penis. There are a large number of nozzles which are directed on stimulation of individual zones of the partner that gives you the opportunity to get a more vivid feelings during sex.

The ways to stimulate the flow of blood

In this category are those techniques that help to increase the blood circulation in the application area. When choosing how you can increase the member, it is necessary to consider these methods.

They have their advantages:

  1. Prevention of the formation of special phenomena. The most effective penis enlargement is good blood flow to the area of the penis. The use of these tools stimulates blood flow that not only nourished the tissue, but also leads to an increase in the size of the slicer after use. This is the fastest way to increase your member helps to get the extension immediately, but to secure the result that will be used in a systematic way.
  2. The improvement of the efficiency BAD. When increasing the supply of blood to the penis is intensified the processes of absorption of useful components in tissues. Often, this effective method of penis enlargement is to combine the pills or vitamins that help make the larger size. The result is an increase in the length and thickness of the penis.
  3. Improvement of the erection. Is an effective means of penis enlargement helps to make erections stronger. These methods are recommended for those men who have a weak or brief erection.
  4. The increase of the sensitivity. Another aspect that contributes to the enlargement of the penis. The increased blood flow increases not only the volume of the body, but also increases the strength of the sensations during sex. To achieve this effect, at the time of choosing the best remedies for penis enlargement should pay attention to the composition, must be plant extracts, which have a local irritant effect.

Any method of penis enlargement to enhance blood flow, requires a very careful and gentle application. Again, it is best to see the video of methods of penis enlargement. This will help you to understand how the fund is used to select the most suitable to protect yourself from the side effects:

  • blue;
  • darkening of the skin;
  • to reduce the sensitivity;
  • pain;
  • weakening of erection;
  • bruising and blue.

Ways stretch fabrics

The choice how to increase the member, you cannot ignore this direction. This method helps to achieve the stretching of the corpora cavernosa, that fill with blood during erection. The result is the increase in the volume of blood and, as a result of the size of the penis.

This method of lengthening of a member has its advantages:

  • The progressive stretching. Provides minimal risk of injury and damage. But the excessive use of this method to increase the penis size can lead to the reduction of the strength of the erection and the appearance of cracks in the skin.
  • It is an efficient tool for the penis enlargement to help protect yourself from the essay of the costs of creams, gels and ointments. Enough to see the video where she describes in this way to increase the member. But it is necessary to pay attention that the use of this group resize can give an uneven result, which will lead to an increase in the length, but the decrease in the thickness of the body.
  • Accessibility. These are simple ways on how to effectively increase a member, it can be used in all conditions, and does not require strict compliance with the schedule. The exception to this situation is the extender.

The choice of the most effective way to increase your member, you need to evaluate your own opportunity – with regular use, it will be possible to obtain results very quickly.

how to increase the member

In other cases, the effect of the application occur very slowly and almost imperceptibly. Therefore, if the man in search of a simple way to increase a member, it is necessary to be aware of the necessity of the systematic use to get the result.

Combined methods

This category includes tools to change the size, that combine the stimulation of the blood circulation and growth of the tissues of the penis. The use of these resources helps to achieve quick enough results.

Its use has a number of advantages:

  • Saving. These penis enlargement methods do not require any additional cost. All that is needed is a little time and patience.
  • Easy. Any way to increase the penis of this group only to carry out and, therefore, at the disposal of each man.
  • The manifestation of the effect. This group of methods is not only the rapid appearance of results, but also fix them. Can be applied directly before the sexual act to increase the brightness of sensations, or of a systematic way to achieve a more rapid effect.

Despite the above advantages, it is not the most effective penis enlargement, since these techniques have a high risk of side effects and complications. Its use allows to obtain results more quickly, but if used improperly it can lead to complete erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation, and even injury to the penis.

Therefore, before choosing a method to increase the size of their manhood, better to see real testimonials and videos.


The best way to increase your member – this is the surgery. Despite the high cost of implementation, this method is completely under medical control that makes it possible to minimize the risk of complications and injuries. With the operation it is possible to achieve the desired effect quickly, but in general this type of intervention has a long recovery period.

Examine the methods on the best way to increase your member, you need to assess what type of outcome is pursued by the man. Despite the abundance of procedures, improper selection of the type of intervention can lead to negative consequences.

There are several varieties of the best way to increase member activity:

  1. Operation. The essence of the intervention consists of cutting the ligaments where the penis attaches to the pubic bone. After cutting him out of the abdominal cavity, which contributes to the enlargement of the penis. It should be noted that this interference gives the possibility to change the length, but does not affect the volume of manhood. To consolidate the results after the operation is necessary during a certain time to bring the extender – this will help to keep the penis in a certain position. The use of the extender also prevents the return of the body of the penis back into the abdominal cavity – the place where previously was located the body of the penis, gradually strengthen the connective tissue that gives you the opportunity to correct the result.
  2. Lipofilling. This procedure of transplantation of fatty tissue below the skin into the body of the penis. Lipofilling allows you to effectively increase the thickness of the member and not to cause complications because the transplant uses your own tissue. The only downside of the procedure is gradual resorption of adipose tissue in the metabolic processes. This leads to the fact that the penis can be bumps after some time, after executing an operation.
  3. The use of implants. The Implants differ from the intervention results – the amount and size that were received with your help, last a lifetime. But the use of implants, despite the use of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, there is the possibility of rejection of material, which will lead to the inflammation and may even cause gangrene.
  4. The use of balls. Often men are interested in the question, is there a way to increase the member, but not completely, and zoning. With this purpose, often used balls. They are made of hypoallergenic material and it is implanted under the skin of the penis. The result of this dramatic intervention is the increase in the sensitivity to the partner, because the balls provide extra stimulation of the internal erogenous zones.

The principle of operation of the fund

tips for penis enlargement

To choose what is best for the penis enlargement, a man can only be based on understanding the main action of the media. The most effective is the penis enlargement surgery. It is possible to obtain a guaranteed result.

But this method of penis enlargement has some drawbacks:

  • long recovery period;
  • high risk of complications;
  • the complexity of the application;
  • high cost.

Thus, the research methods of penis enlargement, the representatives of the stronger sex more often in the consideration of other alternatives.

Effective ways of penis enlargement can be based on absolutely different principles of influence. Most often used to the stimulation of blood flow in the penis tissue and stimulate the growth of the corpora cavernosa. This contributes to the enlargement of the penis by increasing the volume of blood, which is done during the erection.

The normal size of his penis is in the range of 13-18 cm in length and 2-4 cm in diameter. In small sizes you can use any of the methods of penis enlargement.


The most important thing is not to dwell on the lack of penis length and not to convert the size of the penis in the psychological complex, otherwise, there are no devices that don't help you to get intimate encounters moral and physical satisfaction.

Indications for the procedure

Sooner or later, every man wonders about how to increase the penis thickness. But really, this procedure requires a very small percentage of men. In other cases, the thickening of the penis – it is only the desire of the man.

Is there a standard size that is considered the norm. A penis normal is about 16 inches in length and 8 in circumference. Allowed error of both the large and small side. Micro penis is the measure of 8 cm in length and less in the erect state. The size of the site requires intervention and correction.

Thickening of the penis in general is more complicated than the evolution of the length surgically. But at the moment there are different techniques for penis enlargement. Its application will help to keep the increase in the volume of the penis, both in the home and under the supervision of experts.

Increase the thickness of the penis is carried out by several methods. Show those men who have small size of the manhood and you want to know how to increase penis thickness. It is known that the long-term satisfaction with the use of small diameters it is possible to make the amount of a member less.

This means that there are ways to increase the thickness of the member.

Indications for the procedure

The filter is a secure version of the thickening members to the home.

However, incorrectly chosen material possible side reaction in the form of an Allergy. And if you choose the wrong size of the gadget, which can receive the injured member and the little impact that rubs a blister.

In the case of the surgery side effect is the formation of small scars. But the biggest problem for men is that the fatty tissue, finally dissolves and the penis will be unequal. For this it will be necessary to repeat the operation or to the standby mode, the re-absorption.

If we talk about the thickening of the transplantation of muscle tissue, a side effect of this type of manipulation will be:

  • The scar in the area where the material will be taken to the operation;
  • Heavy psychological state of the patient during the recovery period due to poor appearance of the penis in the postoperative period.

Side effects of the technique of "Pen":

  • Reduction or loss of sensitivity;
  • The weakening or loss of erection;
  • The inflammation;
  • The rejection of the new cartilage tissue;
  • The development of gangrene;
  • Incorrect repair of tissues;
  • The appearance of scars.
ways to increase penis

If a man is implanted balloons under the skin, it can deal with a bad selection of material. The following will give you a rejection and inflammation with the risk of removing part of the penis.