How to enlarge the penis and it is real

Not every man admit it, even to herself, but secretly, many believe that their penis is unworthy of a mayor. In principle, these experiences today in vain.

One of the problems faced by men is the curvature of the penis. It happens as a birth defect, or acquired, as a result of poor development of the corpora cavernosa. it was obvious To all – a bit of anatomy: the sexual organ of the male consists of two identical corpora cavernosa, that at the time of the initiation of filling with blood. If one of these bodies for some reason is shorter than the other, then the sexual organ in the state excited is bent or twisted. Naturally, this complicates the intimate life of the man. Sometimes, the curvature is not so important, but it is still unpleasant. To eliminate these defects, the surgeon makes under the head of his cock slit, fix the position of the corpora cavernosa and by the day after the surgery the patient can leave the hospital.

how to increase the member

More complex operations have to older men with peyronie's disease. (Peyronie is the name of the American scientist who first described this disease). With age, some men to the corpora cavernosa formation of the scar of the plate, which is a member in the erection becomes curved. Sometimes, on the other side, but more often, sometimes even at an angle of 90 degrees. In the initial phase of the disease the curvature is quite fast. This is the best time for surgery to remove plaque – a special induration.

However, men are sometimes concerned about not only the defects of the genital organs, but also their sizes. Some were not averse to increasing them. And although not everyone admits it even to himself, secretly, many believe that their penis is unworthy of a mayor. In principle, these experiences in vain. Approximately 75% of Europeans are of normal size in a state excited – from 13 to 18 cm larger than found only one person out of ten, small (10-12 cm) – 10% of men and less than 10 cm – micro-phallus – just 5%. Of course, the authorities very disappointed their owners, and want to increase them.

However, to add a few inches would like and many of the "average". Taking into account his genital organ is not large enough, some hesitate to go to the bathroom, because he feels that other men look at him quizzically. The beach covers the background with a towel. Sometimes, avoids contact with any woman, the fear to disappoint it. Although, according to sexologists, the physiology of women is such that for most of them (except 5%) size of the male sexual organs is not so important. And as a joke sometimes, psychiatrists, the men who want to enlarge their reproductive organs, the disorder, not partners, and in their heads. And yet...

In medicine to change the size of the penis there are different approaches. One of them is conservative when dispense operation. The fact that the male organ can grow even in adulthood. At the disposal of doctors there is now a device that lengthens the member for traction. It was developed by the Danish scientist D. Eh sian. It is called by the first letters of the name of Dane – Jess-extender. The method is based on the ability of the tissue cells of the human body to proliferate in response to the application of physical force. The device consists of a ring of plastic and that is attached to two metal rods hidden inside the sources. The ring is placed at the base of the penis and the springs constantly push, offering some physical activity, under the influence of which tissues and cells member of the race, and it is getting over long, so as not to lose volume. The wear and tear of the extender you need at least 12 hours a day. At night it is better to remove. For a month sexual organ grows around half an inch, and the end of the third month – almost three.

The most important effect may be achieved by combining the long-term use of the Jes-extender (during the course) with the surgery. The operation is, in principle, is not complicated: the surgeon makes an incision in the pubic area above the penis, and because it is hidden, the doctor pulls her from the inside. Heals everything very quickly.

The second phase of the operation – if it is necessary to thickening member in diameter. To do this, use your own tissue men. Their excised from the gluteal tissues, from the muscles of the abdominal wall above, the skin and muscle flap from the subscapular region or under the armpits. At the hospital, the patient is of 10-12 days.

As well as numerous anonymous surveys, the majority of men would like to increase the size of your penis. Many of them want to improve its visual attractiveness and for more expressive gender, but in some cases penis enlargement is the only method of treatment. Unsatisfied condition causes stress and prolonged depression in men.

Is it possible to enlarge penis?

Genitals of men can be increased in several ways. For example, this can be done through exercises. based on the technique of capture and the stretching of the penis. The member should be tightly clasp the base of the thumb and the index, to pull the head, and then perform a hand movement from the base of the head of the penis. This simple exercise should be performed several dozen times a day. According to experts, the year it stops the message between the vessels, cavernous and spongy body of the penis, and due to the movement of the hands of blood to the head body by stretching the erectile tissue, which actually leads to an increase of the penis. The authors of these methodologies claimed that after six months of training, the body reproductive is the increase of 5-7 cm.

This penis enlargement method is absolutely safe, but unfortunately ineffective. After all, completely little body cavernous, had to exercise this kind of pressure, which would be significantly higher threshold of pain. In addition, as with any organs, the erectile tissues can not grow after growth (with the exception of the skin and muscles).

the enlargement of the penis.

A type of method of penis enlargement exercises are stimulating ring, that is stretchy attachments that pull the base of the penis. They are usually used to increase the duration of erection, but some men use these rings for the penis enlargement. Don't forget that if a normal erection of increased blood pressure in the cavernous bodies, but does not stagnate in them. But the use of the rings that can cause congestive processes in the penis and vascular thrombosis, which may lead to serious health problems.

A common way to increase the body reproductive of men is the use of an empty glass. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case, that is to say: the blood calls for certain organs, causing them to stretch. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction as andrologists really suggested to use a vacuum massagers to improve blood flow to the genitals, but this unit is absolutely useless for penis enlargement. In addition, excessive use can cause cracks in the glans penis, which are very hard and very long to heal. And if it is a mistake to establish the level of pressure, this can result in broken capillaries. In this case, because if the indentation does not change the size and color of the penis.

One of the more radical methods to lengthen the penis is the use of local funds, or tablets with a high content of steroid hormones. Of course, because of the danger of the uncontrolled use of these drugs is strictly forbidden and can only be bought through shopping online. However, the men who seek in any way to enlarge the penis, do not be afraid of such "trifles" as stomach ulcers, infertility, depression and psychoses, BPH and malignant tumor caused by excessive use of drugs steroids. Unscrupulous sellers of these funds to ensure that the drugs based on testosterone, doctors use to treat micro-penis (stop development of the penis during adolescence due to lack of testosterone). But they forget that an increase in the size of the penis, in addition to hormone levels, affect more genes.

As You know, several "traditional" methods of penis enhancement of men does not lead to anything good. Currently in medicine is not only the most effective method of penis enlargement. It is the combination of the method that combines the surgical intervention and the use of special devices extender. The first is the operation during which release the hidden part of the penis. Basically, the length of this hidden part of the member ranges between 3 and 5 cm, With the help of simple manipulations surgical at the intersection of the ligaments to release the hidden part, by increasing the penis about 3-5 cm in length.

Many believe that this increase of the genitals is complete. But few know that some time the body will have a natural "opposition", trying to get things in place. To avoid this, it is recommended to use the extender. With this, the sexual organ of men is fixed in the position, but fixing it will take some time, about 3-5 months to six months. It should be noted that the use of the extender during this period of time not to limit the sexual activity. 6 months after the operation, the man can still carry out an operation to thickening of the penis. But, as a general rule, the representatives of the stronger sex already after the first surgery satisfied with the results. Special attention will be given to the underwear. Underpants it is advisable to choose free. If the extender is pointing down, narrow pants will tighten it, reducing the tension on the hose. In addition, this clothing is simply impossible to bring the extender up. The pants should also be free. If you use the extender on the job, in this case, it is necessary to give preference to pants.

Exercises to increase penis

For men an important role in the sexual life is played by two indicators: the power and the size of the penis. If to increase the first you can use special tablets to increase growth in the second, with the medication is not seen as possible. Therefore, through observations and experiments over many decades has developed a special exercises to increase the penis, effectively cope with its task.

According to the method of exhibition to increase a man's penis can be divided into:

The mechanisms of action it is possible to assign the increase of the penis, use:

  • mechanical devices (like vacuum pumps);
  • goods.

Thickening of the penis is achieved due to the long duration of the retention of artificial erection. Enlargement of penis occurs by mechanical stretching.

The ideal way to increase the male sexual organs is considered a manual method (using the fingers; to three inches in length).

Exercises to increase penis you should do 15-30 minutes every day. The best time for the techniques, morning and evening. It is also important before you start exercising to increase your penis examined and get the advice of a doctor.

Each exercise has its own level of intensity and load, which must be taken into account. The transition to a more sophisticated level should happen gradually and smoothly.

penis enlargement methods

The main good result of the processing will depend on the following:

  • cleaning of the penis, and the increase of devices;
  • posture;
  • in accordance with the time interval;
  • time of day;
  • the presence of fat;
  • pre-warming;
  • there is no pain;
  • caution.

The mentioned characteristics allow to achieve the desired dreams of penis augmentation.

All groups of exercises can be divided into:

Type of seizure depends on the type of exercise:

Exercises to increase the power

  1. Standing with a straight back is needed as an alternative to raise high the knees to the stomach.
  • Standing on her legs folded to stretch and relax the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the perineum in the process of bending knees.
  • To lift the pelvis, while in the position of supine.
  • Exercises to increase penis length

    "Kegel" (involuntary erection)

    Treating the penis with a cream or fat is needed for translational vertical movements and a gradual increase of speed with two fingers to bring it into erection, before which need a little bit of the base of the penis.

    "Jelcing" (pulling movements and their varieties)

    Active pulling of the penis in an excited and erect state occurs due to the stretching of the head. Maximally stretched penis need to keep to 15 seconds. Let go, repeat the exercise. The number of these "milkings" five minutes should reach 100 times.


    You need to slowly stretch not very happy and relaxed the penis for 15 seconds 10 times. This stretch should be done in different places: the buttocks, the pubis, becomes 360, the pendulum, internal stretch, double-stretch, V-stretch-stretch, etc.